About DAKkan

DAKkan is a biennial festival which takes place on the roofs of Antwerp.

Born in 2018, DAKkan was originally an initiative of EcoHuis Antwerpen. With 3000 visitors and 13 participating roofs, the first edition was an immediate success. The second edition took place in 2020, organized by the city's department of culture, and saw 42 roofs attract a total of 5900 visitors. In the 2022 edition, visitors will be able to access more than 50 roofs.

Why DAKkan?

Antwerp is home to 1.5 million m2 of flat roofs, or the equivalent of 3000 football fields. The majority of this space is not being used to its fullest potential. With the new realities of climate change, these roofs present unexplored opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic was another driver for many citizens of Antwerp to discover the value of their green outdoor spaces. And the movement is growing across the globe as cities are optimizing their roofs to increase sustainability (as alternative sources of biodiversity, water collection, energy or food production), or to provide new qualitative public spaces for growing populations.

DAKkan is a cultural event, but continuously addresses themes such as urban, environmental and social development.

danser op het dak van PAKT
danser op het dak van PAKT

DAKkan goes European

Through DAKkan, the city of Antwerp is a part of the European Creative Roof Network (ECRN). The ECRN aims to maximize the use of urban roofs for cultural, social and sustainable purposes. It supports research, dialogue, and inspirational activities and experiences. The network consists of the cities Faro and Chemnitz, as well as organizations from Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belfast, Gothenburg, Nicosia and Rotterdam.
The ECRN will receive financial support from the European Education and Culture Executive Agency for 4 years.